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Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall

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City of Crimea: Alushta
Adress: Republic of Crimea, c. Alushta, t. Generalskoe, Haphal canyon
Coordinates: 44.805514,34.459687
Type of tourists point: Lakes, waterfalls and springs


1,5 km northwards from Generalskoe town, going along the forest road, one can get into the picturesque dense canyon Haphal (one of the probable translations – “fortress gates”), became overgrown with  thick forest. The road to the waterfall takes about 30 minutes by the narrow path in shadowy beech forest. The deep precipice from one side and the paths and age-old beeches and oaks on other, create a fairy-tale atmosphere. In such forests fantasy films are usually shot. Birdsongs, fresh air and cool shadows will guarantee a nice walk.

Ulu-Uzen river falls from the height of one hundred meters by the three-stage rapids, creating in that way the most full-flowing waterfall in the Crimea, having the width of 5 meters. Dzhur-dzur means “water-water” in Armenian language. The bridge and ecological wooden paths are made for tourists there.

The powerful mass of clean drinkable water falls down 15 meters and creates rainbow halos. The further way goes through rather steep and narrow paths, dangerous sometimes. The shoes for such trip should be comfortable. In that case the walk would be tonic and bracing, steep slopes will add adrenaline.

You also can swim in natural baths, formed due to centuries-old water flowing. The baths are called: “Sins Bath”, “Health Bath”, “Love Bath” and it is believed, that swimming in that baths, one can purifies from sins, gets health and mutual love. By the way, the temperature of mountain river is 8-12 С, so the burst of energy is guaranteed.

On the way you can come across the cleanest spring with surprisingly tasty water, which flows among stones to the river. There you can drink some water and take it with you for the way back. If tired, tourists can take a sit anywhere and drink some tea with honey, which are offered by the locals.

Downwards the Dzhur-dzhur waterfall goes away to the pipes of Alushta water supply.


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