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St. Andrew the Apostle’s Church

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City of Crimea: Kerch
Adress: Republic of Crimea, c. Kerch, proezd Stepnoj, 2
Coordinates: 45.365142,36.5053
Type of tourists point: Churches and cathedrals


In 1893 in Kerch under A.A. Zolotorev’s almshouse a church of St. Andrew the Apostle was built. The cross-shaped church has five gilded cupolas, symbolizing Jesus Christ and four evangelists. The sixth and the tallest couple is a belfry with 9 bells. The length from the base to the maximum point is 22 meters. There are first images of saints made by Kerch painters on walls above iconostasis and on the dome.

Andrew the Apostle was the first to preach God’s Word in the Crimea. In all times he was a symbol of east-Slavic and Byzantine cultures succession, a symbol of the whole Christian world’s inner unity.

The excursions are held. The guide is appointed by father superior.

 Excursion’s’ timetable - any time, without days off. The duration from 30 minutes to 1,5 hours. 


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