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St. archangel Michel’s church

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City of Crimea: Alupka
Adress: Republic of Crimea, c. Alupka, st. Lenina, 4
Coordinates: 44.418633,34.045098
Type of tourists point: Churches and cathedrals


A church, built in 1820 by count M.S. Vorontsov, was destroyed by a strong landslide and by the beginning of the XX century Alupka had been left without orthodox church. Citizens started to solicit for the construction of a new church. The place had been chosen with a glance of frequent south coast landslides which could damage it. On the 26th of October 1903 a laying of the church took place and on the 8th of November 1908 it was consecrated in honor of archangel Michel. It was beautiful, five-coupled, richly decorated inside.

It is one is the biggest religious constructions of the Crimea, its accommodation is up to 900 people. The church draws attention with its fancied cornices, kokoshniks and other architectural extravagances typical for Russian-Byzantine style.   

The dates of ceremonial events:

November, 21 archangel Michel’s memory day;

The excursions are held. The guide is appointed by father superior. Excursion’s’ timetable - any time, without days off. The duration from 30 minutes to 1,5 hours.