How to get to the Crimea

By air

Convenient and most popular way to get to the resort is, of course, an air flight.  In 2016 the passenger traffic of the International Airport "Simferopol" reached a record figure - more than five million people. 

There is good news for those who want to relax in the Crimea this year - the Crimea has established direct flights to 59 destinations in 57 cities

The geography of flights is constantly expanding - this year the direction of Simferopol - Stariy Oskol was opened for the first time.  The schedule of flights can be found on the official website of the airport

In the spring-summer period, 19 airlines operate flights. 

In 36 directions, subsidized flights will be launched.  Citizens at the age of 23, women over 55, men over 60, people with disabilities and their attendants will be able to buy air tickets at reduced rates.  In what areas subsidized flights are launched, and what airlines they carry out can be found on the website of the Federal Air Transport Agency. 

The airport itself is more and more comfortable for tourists.  Over the last couple of years, the area of ​​terminals (from 10 thousand to 24 thousand square meters) has more than doubled, the number of check-in counters has increased, the area in the waiting area has increased. 

A large-scale reconstruction took place at the station square - now it occupies 75 thousand square meters.  Two-lane roads in front of the terminals have now become three, and the number of entrances to the area has increased from one to four.  There were three new reversal rings, traffic flows were divided. 

Now trolleybuses, intercity buses and intercity transport go each in its line.  The parking of vehicles is more than 50 meters away from terminals as required by safety regulations.  The guest parking lot has increased; now its capacity is 310 cars, 27 of them for people with disabilities, and 19 places for buses and minibuses.

You can take a taxi or public transport to get from the airport "Simferopol" to the city. 

There is an official taxi operator at the airport, and you can order a car at a fixed cost from 30 rubles per kilometer at the dispatch center on the territory of terminal "A" or by phone at +7 (978) 056-74-44. 

Even more economical way to get to the center of Simferopol - for 13 rubles you can take a fixed-route taxi (№98, 100, 115) or a bus (№ 49 and 98), and for 12 rubles you can get on trolley № 9. There work long-distance transport - trolley buses and buses for those who do not plan to visit the capital and wants to be immediately at the sea.  Buses go to Yalta, Alushta, Sevastopol, Evpatoria, Saki, Sudak, Feodosiya and other cities. 

More information on the route network and the cost of transportation is available on the website of the State Unitary Enterprise "Krymavtotrans"

Approximate cost of the ticket for the shuttle bus is: to Yalta - 183,60 rubles, Alushta - 126,00 rubles, Evpatoria - 109,80 rubles, Saki - 55,50 rubles, Feodosia - 235,80 rubles, Sevastopol - 171,00 rubles.  Trolleybuses leave from the airport to Yalta and Alushta.  More details can be found on the site of the State Unitary Enterprise "Krymtrolleibus". 

During the takeoff or landing of the aircraft, guests of the Crimea can see an interesting picture on the right side of the runway - the construction of a new air terminal complex.  It will be launched in the spring of 2018 and promises to become one of the largest and most modern airports in Russia. 

Its area is 78 thousand square meters.

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Auto express Fly & Bus

Another convenient way to get from the airport "Simferopol" to the cities and resorts of Crimea and back is to use the service Fly & Bus. 

Comfortable minibuses transport guests to the most popular resort cities of Alushta, Yalta, Saki, and Evpatoria, including Zaozernoye, Sevastopol, as well as sanatoria "Poltava-Crimea" in Saki and "Tavria" in Evpatoria. 

The geography of transportation is constantly expanding, and a new route to Livadia, Miskhor, Koreiz and Simeiz opens from the middle of July.  Buses leave from the airport square of the airport "Simferopol" throughout the day and even at night.  Conveniently, their schedule is docked with the flight schedule.  You can choose the time of your trip and pay for the service Fly & Bus in advance (until September 30, 2017 inclusive) on the site  You can buy a ticket upon arrival to Crimea at "Kiy Avia Krym" ticket offices and payment terminals in the airport luggage reception hall.  But you can do this if you have seats on the bus and not later than one hour before it leaves. 

The cost of such a ticket is: 400 rubles to Alushta, 400 rubles to the village of Kiparisnoye, 500 rubles from Yalta, 500 rubles from Sevastopol, 300 rubles from Sevastopol, 400 rubles from Evpatoria, 300 rubles to the Poltava-Crimea sanatorium, "Tavria "- 400 rubles.

If the flight is delayed or baggage is received, the ticket to the auto express will not be lost.  On the difficulties encountered, you should simply inform the dispatcher on the hotline phone 8 800 250 68 84 or the coordinator in the airport luggage reception hall.  Operators of the Fly & Bus hotline are available 24 hours a day to answer all questions including applying for a group transfer. 

Calls are accepted for free.

"Single" ticket

A "single ticket" has been working for those who are accustomed to travel by train since 2014 the project of "multimodal" transportation using rail, road and sea transport.  The tourist travels by "single" ticket by train to Krasnodar or Anapa where he transfers to the bus and follows the Kerch ferry.  Next, with the luggage leaves the bus and after the inspection passes on the ferry.  After the crossing, a bus awaits him to one of the seven large cities of the peninsula: Kerch, Feodosiya, Sudak, Simferopol, Yalta, Evpatoria and Sevastopol. 

The guests are met and accompanied by the coordinators of the ANO "Unified Transport Directorate.  You can buy a "single ticket" 60 days before the trip at the ticket offices of any railway station at the booking offices of agency networks of JSC "FPK" as well as on the website of JSC Russian Railways.  You can find out the schedule of routes, travel time, landing and disembarkation places as well as rules for the organized transportation of children's groups on the website of the Unified Transport Directorate

The cost of a "single" ticket for the bus and ferry component remained at the level of 2016 and costs:

- from Anapa to Kerch - 380 rubles, to Simferopol - 590 rubles, to Sevastopol - 690 rubles, to Feodosiya - 460 rubles, to Sudak - 540 rubles  , In Evpatoria - 690 rubles, in Yalta - 700 rubles; 

- from Krasnodar to Kerch - 560 rubles, to Simferopol - 710 rubles, to Sevastopol - 810 rubles, to Feodosiya - 590 rubles, to Sudak - 660 rubles, to Evpatoria - 810 rubles, to Yalta - 820 rubles.  Children under 5 accompanied by adults are transported on a "single" ticket for free with the provision of a separate seat.  The project works during the holiday season - from April 30 to September 30.  Over three years, it was used by more than 1 million passengers.

By Ferry crossing

The Kerch ferry crossing for the holiday season of 2017 opened a new storage area for cars.  The new drive occupies an area of ​​about 14 thousand square meters and can accommodate up to 300 cars.  There are 6 modern inspection modules on the site that will significantly speed up the inspection and reduce the waiting time in the queue.  For the safety of passengers, the site itself will soon be equipped with video surveillance and alarm systems.  The separation of cargo and passenger traffic will accelerate the loading of cars into ferries and increase the capacity of the ferry. 

Nevertheless, buying an e-ticket remains the surest way to minimize waiting.  You can buy a ticket, find out about tariffs and timetable for ferries on the website or on the official website of the Maritime Directorate

The cost of sea transportation of passengers in 2017 is: 150 rubles per person, children under 6 years - free of charge, from 6 to 12 years - 80 rubles. 

The cost of transportation of cars with loading is: for cars up to 5 m 30 cm - 1 700 rubles per unit, for cars longer than 5 m 30 cm - 4 800 rubles per unit. 

The phone is available 24 hours a day for inquiries: +7 (989) 299-42-60.

Cruise service

There is a regular cruise since June 2017. It combines visits to the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea, on a comfortable boat. For the organization of passenger communication, the nine-deck liner Prince Vladimir was purchased that is a full-fledged floating hotel, where everything necessary for a varied and safe stay is available. Every Sunday the cruise liner «Knjaz Vladimir» departs along the route Sochi - Novorossiysk - Yalta - Sevastopol - Sochi. The optimal cruise route allows tourists to get acquainted with the history, culture and architecture of the cities of the Black Sea coast in 7-8 days. The program of the trip includes a visit to the Hero City of Novorossiysk, a two-day parking in Yalta and the opportunity to admire the sights of the Southern Coast of Crimea, as well as familiarize the cruise participants with the history of the legendary city of Sevastopol.

For convenience, passengers are given the opportunity, in addition to Sochi, to start and finish a cruise in the cities of Novorossiysk, Yalta and Sevastopol. The «Knjaz Vladimir» liner accommodates 800 passengers and 250 crew members and is equipped with three swimming pools, two restaurants with «swedish table» and a «la carte» meals, a cinema, bars, a disco and a concert platform. The cost of the trip varies depending on the season and category of cabin and includes accommodation in a cabin of the chosen category, 3 meals a day, as well as an entertainment program on board. The cruise became the successor of the legendary cruise route, also known as the «Crimean-Caucasian Line» and implemented in fulfillment of the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin on the restoration of regular cruise traffic in the Black Sea region. The operator of the cruise message is LLC «Black Sea Cruises», established by FSUE «Rosmorport». With the schedule, the cost of cruises and detailed information about the tourist product can be found on the site http://schernomskiekruizy.rf/

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