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Maxim Lobanov,

a businessman

On 23rd of April, 2015 I took the plane Moscow– Simferopol and since then I have been living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. We are developing our own business in traveling branch and farming. For me, the Crimea is the combination of magical people, with whom I had the good fortune to meet and make friends, great parties, fantastic nature, breathtaking views, places, where you can come back again and again. As a pioneer, I am always ready for active recreation and sports. I like yoga, history, good food, jazz and electronic music. I am pleased to share my recipes of youth (not by age, but by the state of soul) rest in the Crimea, I will introduce you to interesting people and give good advice.



Макс в Крыму. Фиолент

The first material in this blog I would like to dedicate the Cape Fiolent. Some historians argue about the correct name of this place, whether it is Fiolent or Feolent. I prefer the first variant, derived from "Filenk-burun", which is translated as "tiger cape" from the Turkish language, so in this article it is Cape Fiolent, let all the fans of other titles forgive me that.

Макс в Крыму. Тусовки 2015

Hello! I am presenting to you the second material on the subject, which applies to most travelers. Even if in real life you do not plan to do it and try to avoid, on vacation it can happen to anyone. Therefore, we must be prepared ... For party!

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There is no sea in Simferopol. It is quite far from the mountains (Chater Dag can be seen from some areas). Nevertheless, find at least a few hours, or maybe a day to get acquainted with one of the largest (along with Sevastopol) Crimean cities.