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A leading interaction management specialist of the accommodation facilities, the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea 
We understand that in the Internet there is no enough reliable information about the unique possibilities of treatment and rehabilitation, which Crimea can provide all year round to its guests. My goal, with the help of colleagues and leading Crimean experts, is to tell our guests accurate and honest information in an easy and to read style. What is treated in the Crimea? Why is Saki mud so famous? Why Southern coast of the Crimea is especially recommended for recovery in late autumn and in the spring? I am very pleased to thoroughly examine these issues and to share useful information!

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About the medicinal properties of the mud people knew in ancient Egypt, the Crimea and China, at the beginning of the V century BC. But the first mud resorts began to appear only at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries. To be precise, in 1828, officially in Saki, at zemsky (public) funds, was opened the world's first mud resort, and ten years later – military mud baths.

детское здоровье

What could be more important than a child's health? Alas, the modern urban world often is not very good for the child's organism. How can we oppose this? Clean air, fresh fruit, sunlight, sea water –  it's so simple, but so important.

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Many associate a trip to the southern coast of Crimea with the classic summer vacation at sea.

But the warm sea, beaches and entertainment infrastructure are only the "tip of the iceberg" of amazing opportunities of this region.

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Surely you've met smiling and joyful people, cheerfully walking with sticks in their hands. What do they do? The answer is very simple – these people are engaged in their own health!

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In this article we want to share with you practical advice on how to prepare your journey for health, for it to give you the maximum benefit and a positive experience. These tips will be useful for both who are only going to make his/her first trip to the world of health and fine state of health, and for who is already good at it.