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About the medicinal properties of the mud people knew in ancient Egypt, the Crimea and China, at the beginning of the V century BC. But the first mud resorts began to appear only at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries. To be precise, in 1828, officially in Saki, at zemsky (public) funds, was opened the world's first mud resort, and ten years later – military mud baths.


The first analysis of the mud of Lake Saki in 1807 were held by a French chemist F.A. Desser, the result of his research was the first official confirmation of the uniqueness and high therapeutic efficacy of Saki mud. And in 1827 to Saki came doctor Nikolai Antonovich Azhe, who was the first to publish the list of indications and contraindications for mud therapy.

Since that moment the mud of Lake Saki became the object of attention of the most prominent Russian scientists and doctors. And today, not only modern studies, but also long-term medical practice consistently confirm its treatment properties of great value.

In this article we have tried to collect the most interesting and significant facts related to the mud baths in the Crimea, among which you may find something useful and interesting for yourself.

Fact №1. Mud, as a remedy for many ailments.

Therapeutic mud (peloids) is silt, which has been forming over thousands of years as a result of complex chemical and biological processes at the bottom of salty estuaries and lakes. Therapeutic, oily, plastic dirt has a high heat dissipation capacity and slow contains bioactive substances (salts, gases, vitamins, enzymes, hormones etc.) and alive microorganisms.

With this set of characteristics, it has versatile beneficial effect on the basic functions and systems of a human being: increases blood circulation, contributes to the enrichment of tissues with oxygen, improves metabolism. With its antioxidant properties, peloids have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.



Fact №2. Mud in gynecology is a sure way to find happiness of motherhood.

Saki mud in gynecology has established itself as an effective method of non-drug treatment of women diseases, particularly in inflammatory processes and hormonal disorders which often may lead to infertility.

In traditional medicine, the problem of female infertility is often solved by different methods of artificial insemination. But even when the desired result is gained, it is not always possible to eliminate the root of the problem, the "root of all evil", which remains, and continues to have a negative impact not only on the course of pregnancy, but also on the health of the expectant mother.

Due to its physical and chemical properties and biological activity of elements, Saki mud helps to prevent unfavorable changes in the female body: promotes resorption of adhesions in the fallopian tubes, ovaries treatment of inflammation of the appendages, the restoration of the hormonal system of the body, and as a result - the restoration of reproductive function.

According to statistics, the usage of mud in the treatment of female infertility, more than 30% of cases led to a successful outcome, that is, almost every third woman faced disappointing verdict, thanks to the Saki mud, gets long-awaited happiness of motherhood. In some cases, for example, in the treatment of adhesions pelvic organs, a positive effect is achieved in 98% of cases. The proof of this are the thousands of thanks from happy women who are mothers after the mud on the mud-bath resorts of Crimea, which include Saki and Yevpatoriya.


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Fact №3. Saki mud restores and preserves men's health.

With the help of medical mud doctors of Saki resort effectively treat prostatitis, including chronic, as well as problems associated with the male reproductive function. According to the testimony of many sources, due to the effect of the active ingredients of mud on the prostate gland, the efficiency of getting rid of prostatitis using pelotherapy is 97%.

Due to its unique properties Saki mud is considered to be the most effective natural way to treat male infertility, often caused by the development of various inflammation of the reproductive organs. To achieve a greater effect in the Crimean resorts poloidoterapiya is held in conjunction with the hardware physiotherapy, massage and physical therapy.

Fact №4. Saki mud returns the joy of movement.

Arthritis is the most common disease, which not only brings discomfort in our everyday life, but also lead to an irreversible disease with significant vital activity limitation.

Multi-year medical practice proved that the mud is one of the most effective ways to treat diseases of the joints. Saki mud relieves inflammation, pain, normalizes metabolism, thereby restoring the active motor function of the musculoskeletal system. Such treatment provided by qualified experts and expanded with spa treatment, physiotherapy and physical therapy, has a long and sustained positive impact.

It should be remembered that the basic rule peloidotherapy is concluded in the fact, that it is applied only according to prescription.


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Fact №5. The mud, which helps to rise.

At the beginning of the XX century Saki academics S.S. Naldbanov (Professor of Balneology) and N.N. Burdenko (founder of neurosurgery in Russia) have developed the scientific foundations of peloido-therapy (mud-therapy) in the treatment of traumatic disease of spinal cord, diseases and consequences of injuries of the central and peripheral nervous system.

The resort, named after the talented neurosurgeon N.N. Burdenko, for decades effectively used both balneotherapy and mud-therapy using mud and brine from Saki Lake for the treatment of people with traumatic lesions of the spinal cord. And sometimes happened things, which were called miracles.

Fact №6 Treatment of trauma aftereffects.

Fractures and injuries of the bones are often fused, but the joints and cartilage are almost never returned to its former state. Injuries of the joints or around them often lead to disability and even brilliant operation is only a third success. 70% of the recovery depends on the rehabilitation.

Modern physicians, surgeons, orthopedists and traumatologist, as well as the great luminaries of war surgery and neurosurgery N.I. Pirogov and N.N. Burdenko, indicated the effectiveness of the Saki mud in the treatment of traumatic lesions.

Knowing perfectly well about this beautiful property of Saki mud, in 1837, General Nikolai Nikolaevich Muraviev ordered to build in Saki a branch of the Simferopol Military Hospital (which gave rise to the military sanatorium in Saki). There, with the help of the Saki mud were cured the soldiers and officers wounded during the Crimean battles (1853-1856), Russian-Japanese war (1904-1905), and then the World War I (1914-1918), Civil war (1917-1922), the Great Patriotic (1941-1945) and Afghanistan (1979-1989) wars.


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Fact № 7. Saki mud or Dead Sea mud – what to choose?

Sometimes we come across a comparison of medical mud of Saki Lake with Dead Sea mud. I was curious to understand and that's what has been learned in this regard.

Mud of both Saki Lake and Dead Sea refers to the sulfide silt mud. But, despite that, the reservoirs formed in a completely different climate, geological and geographical, physical, chemical and biological conditions. So, naturally, part of their medical factors differs significantly. Also differ indications for mud therapy.

Saki lake was formed in the conditions of the northern Black Sea coast and belongs to the estuary or coastal lakes. Dead Sea refers to salt continental lakes and was formed under more severe conditions of high salinity.

Therefore, Dead Sea mud is denser and heavier, and is characterized by a high content of inorganic components: minerals and salts.

The concentration of the salt in Saki lake is almost three times less, therefore it contains 2-3 times more lipids and amino acids, and 5-10 times more vitamins (thiamine, tocopherol, retinol, carotenoids, and others).

But, despite the significant differences, both these fields are the unique creations of nature and represent a medicinal value and are effective in the treatment of a number of complex, including chronic diseases.

The above facts indicate that the mud can help in the restoration of the disturbed functions of the organism. But considering it to be a panacea is wrong. In contrast mud treatment has a list of contraindications, ignoring which you can acquire serious health problems.

For example, mud is strictly prohibited during exacerbation of chronic diseases, acute inflammation, tuberculosis, diseases of the kidneys, blood and cardiovascular system. The activating influence of mud can trigger the growth of tumors. Direct contraindication to the mud therapy is pregnancy.

That is why peloidotherapy, with its variety of methods, should be assigned by a doctor, held in sanatoriums with qualified medical personnel, after a full medical examination.




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It is strictly prohibited to do mud therapy by yourself.

While writing this article, I opened for myself another, a very well known, at first glance, but if you look closely –  a deep, multi-faceted and difficult "Crimean Gem" called mud, or peloids of Saki Lake. It was another domain in my piggy bank, "Why I love Crimea", I hope, and in yours too.

For invaluable assistance and good support in the preparation of these materials, I want to thank Professor Poberskaya Valentina, MD, Honored Doctor of the Republic of Crimea; a scientific consultant of FKUZ "Sanatorium" Petrel " MVD RF and Ustyuzhanin Vitaly Petrovich, PhD, Honored Doctor of Ukraine and Republic of Crimea, the director of the State Unitary Enterprise "Crimean tourist center." Without you help, I would never have happened to understand in such a difficult, but very interesting topic.

The article’s author: Sabina Fahretdinova,

a leading interaction management specialist with the accommodation facilities, the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea