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In this article we want to share with you practical advice on how to prepare your journey for health, for it to give you the maximum benefit and a positive experience. These tips will be useful for both who are only going to make his/her first trip to the world of health and fine state of health, and for who is already good at it.


Tip №1. Define the exact purpose of your trip.

If you choose to travel for health, it is necessary to immediately determine the purpose of the trip. Whether you are coming to the resort to relax or to be healed. Is the overall improvement of the body assumed, or the treatment of a certain disease? This will greatly help you in choosing the resorts, and eliminates the hassle.

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Tip №2. In order to make your rest really helpful for your health, it is recommended to plan it at least for 12 days.

Balneology and doctors recommend to plan a vacation in the resort at least for 12 days –  that is how long lasts a minimum recovery course. But depending on your body's needs, this process may take a little longer.

Going to the resort, especially in summer, do not forget about the period of adaptation to the new climate, which is individual, but on average it takes from 3 to 5 days. This factor may also affect the duration of your holiday.


Tip №3. What time of the year is better for the most benefit staying without harming one’s health.

Balneology proved that a vacation in the Crimea is not only pleasing, but also useful at any time of the year. However, in some cases, there are the most favorable periods for spa treatment and rehabilitation. For example, people with chronic lung diseases are better to plan recovery in the Crimea for the velvet season, with kidney disease and winter forms of dermatitis – only in summer. And for those who suffer from diseases of blood, the treatment at the resort in summer is contraindicated. Therefore, choosing the time for the spa treatment and recovery, you should always remember about the features of your body and take care of your comfort.


Tip №4. Which Crimean region is the most suitable for you? Peculiarities of natural healing factors.

A set of various natural medical resources, concentrated in a particular area, makes the area to be salubrious for different needs of our body. In the Crimea, there are four such geographical "health points":

1. Southern coast of the Crimea is a unique resort region, the main features of which are the dry subtropical climate and mountain-sea air, saturated with volatile production and sea salt. This region is most favorable for the treatment of respiratory, cardiovascular system, the total restoration of health, including children and those who are going to become mothers.

2. West coast is known for its famous healing mud. Therefore, this region of the Crimea has a reputation as a healer of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological and urological diseases, skin diseases, nervous system. And there are the best in Crimea sandy beaches, shallow waters and plenty of sunny days a year make, this resort is ideal for rest and rehabilitation of children.

3. Southeast Crimea has dry subtropical climate, close to the climate of the Southern Coast, so there it is recommended to go for the improvement of the respiratory and otolaryngology. A beautiful scenery, rich subtropical vegetation and a large number of sunny days per year create excellent conditions for general health and mentally-physical recovery.

4. North-eastern Crimea is a developing resort region, rich in natural healing resources (chokrak and bulganaksk curative mud and mineral springs, brine lakes).

The Crimea is a health resort that offers not only the possibility of improvement, but also restorative treatment of almost all diseases. It is important to choose the corner of the Crimea, which is perfect for you.


Tip №5. What is important in choosing sanatorium.

First of all, choosing a health resort we must remember that we are talking about your health, which is priceless, so the main selection criterion is the profile of the treatment. The resort should specialize in the treatment or recovery that you are concerned about, in other words, it should match the goal that you have determined.

The second important component of useful rest is, of course, your comfort. It is necessary to pay attention to the infrastructure, the rooms’ conditions, catering and leisure. It is also useful to clarify the possibility of a transfer order.

All this information resorts place on their web-sites. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the resort’ accommodation service. It is always better to ask everything in advance, it will reduce the risk of disappointment and will help you fill only positive impressions during the journey.


Tip №6. The doctor's consultation.

Spa treatment, like any other kind of treatment, has its indications and contraindications. Therefore, before the trip to the resort be sure to consult a doctor in the clinic concerning undertaking of certain medical procedures that are offered in the selected resorts.


Tip №7. Do no harm! Before the trip do not forget to undergo the check-up and make a sanatorium record chart (medical certificate 072 / y).

Sanatorium record chart is made in the same domiciliary clinic, or in any other private or public medical center. It is better to begin creating the chart in 10 days before departure to the resort.

The list of required check-ups and consultations include:

- consultation of a therapist (and, possibly, specialists);

- clinical blood test;

- clinical urinalysis;

- ECG with interpretation;

- photofluorography (or the results of the last photofluorography not older than 1 year);

- consultation of the gynecologist.

Maybe, you will be prescribed with additional surveys – they should not be avoided because the more information about your health will receive the resort physician, the more effective will be your treatment or recovery.

Sanatorium charts are signed by the attending physician, the head of the clinic, the chairman of CEC.



Tip №8. What do you need to consider if you plan healthy vacation with a child.

It is good to learn in advance, at what age children are accepted in the resort (usually 4 years), and what additional payment is stipulated, both for the main and for additional child room place (depending on age).


Tip №9. How to prepare a child for a trip to a sanatorium or children's summer camp? What documents are needed, and what are the requirements.

Let’s separately dwell on spa treatment and rehabilitation for children. Now there are more and more resorts of mixed family type in which adults can relax with children.

If you go to sanatorium with a child (or decide to send the kid to the children's spa facility), it is necessary to refer to pediatrician, who, along with the sanatorium chart (medical certification 076 / y) will issue a certificate of epid-environment and vaccinations. Be aware that epid-environment certificate is valid only for three days, and if you are late, the expired certificate of the child will not be accepted.

Also, do not forget to bring the following documents:

- child's birth certificate;

- an insurance policy of obligatory medical insurance;

- if necessary – an extract from the kid's medical report with the data of clinical and laboratory examinations not older than 1 month (complete blood analysis and urinalysis, etc.);

- enterobiasis analysis;

-  dermatologist’s opinion confirming the absence of infectious diseases of skin.

Children's sanatorium chart is needed in case when the baby is to undergo a course of treatment or rehabilitation in the resort.

Tip №10. How to combine business with pleasure. While planning a trip for health, one should not forget about the cultural, educational and recreational opportunities of the Crimea.

Crimea gives us not only health, but also endless opportunities for new discoveries. Here, each town has its own flavor, its own microclimate, its face. Even if you have just been in the Crimea many times, and you think that you saw all the fun, you are mistaken.

Have you ever met a dawn in the Church of the Resurrection of Christ on Foros hill? It was built in 1892 on a steep cliff Red Rock, the church is located at an altitude of 410 meters above sea level. It is truly inspiring beauty.

And what about walking through the protected Golitsin path and getting a charge of health from the air, sea, sun, mountains, junipers and amazing pictures of the natural environment?

There everywhere lives history close to our heart. Have you ever greeted pushkin cypress, which remembers how the poet once visited Crimea, or paid a visit to Chekhov in Yalta, bowed to Voloshin grave? And this is only a tiny part of all that the peninsula is willing to share with us.  

So come to the Crimea for health, good impressions and new and new discoveries!

The article’s author: Sabina Fahretdinova,

a leading interaction management specialist with the accommodation facilities, the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea

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