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Ekaterina Lysenko,
leading specialist of marketing and development of the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea.

I am very happy and proud that I will write in this section on our travel portal. I am convinced, the main thing is to give our guests an objective idea of what opportunities for wine and gastronomic tourism he Crimea сan offer. We have something to show and something to surprise you with: gifts from the Black Sea, unique wines,  and the Crimean Tatar’s cuisine. While  preparing of all my  articles I ask the leading Crimean experts for a pice of advice, because it is important to make an independent opinion on every topic. Welcome to the world of tasty Crimea!


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Gastronomic adventure is a real source of pleasure in the life of modern man. In pursuit for new sensations, residents of cities go to gastro tours to small craft breweries, crunch fried insects and discover new flavors of exotic fruits. Food can tell about the spirit of people, sometimes much more than works of architecture and painting ...

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There are lots unique fish in Crimea, and all the conditions for a successful year-round fishing: a warm climate, geographical features, amazing beauty of nature and the huge amount of underwater inhabitants. Everything about the most "fish" features of the Crimea, told us Tatyana Bolshakova – an author of gastro-tourism project "To the Crimea with a fork and a corkscrew."

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On April 23 in Kujbyshevo town of Bakhchisaray district of Crimea on the territory of sports base "Inkomsport" there was held  a festival of family rest  "Golf outing" Following the white rabbit. "

Коктебельский завод марочных вин. Фото: февраль 2016

The Black Sea at the foothill of an extinct volcano Kara-Dag, the guests can see the fabulous town of

Koktebel,which has long been famous for its wines and cognacs. The uniqueness of this area is particularly in favorable conditions, the annual sum of temperatures and number of sunny days, the soil, rich in minerals and trace elements. This created ideal conditions for the cultivation of elite varieties of grapes.

Exclusive information about the wines and vineyards, as well as the secrets of the future and the winery we were lucky enough to learn from Svetlana Avdeeva, the  Development Director of Ltd. "Plant vintage wines of Koktebel".