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The main navigator on the Crimea - "Crimean magazine" presented the English version. The tourist portal reviewed the edition of the long-awaited exemplar. 

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The 20th of January is the Day of the Crimean Republic , this holiday is celebratedby residents and guests of the peninsula already for 27 years. This year it falls on Saturday, so in order to it’s a holiday, it was organized a scheduled program of thematic sociocultural and cognitive events especially for this day.

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Four resorts of the Krasnodar Territory and six resorts of Crimea are among the top ten popular resorts where Russians will spend their summer vacation, following the results of pre-booking.

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Every year Crimean tour operators offer various leisure options in the winter, as well as for New Year and Christmas holidays, depending on the interests, preferences and financial possibilities of the guests and residents of the peninsula.

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The event that is dedicated to the memory of the founder of the museum and its first director - Maria Pavlovna Chekhova will take place in the house museum of A.P. Chekhov on the 14th of January.

3011 4 cca63The first winter weekend will surprise with a warm southeast wind and a break of the rain set.  It is worthwhile to postpone the "lazy" weekend in the company of books and good films and take advantage of the offers of the travel portal of the Crimea.  Moreover, this is our final digest.  We thank all the readers for the good company and believe that they added a trembling love for such a small and such a large world called the Crimean Peninsula.

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In the Nikita Botanical Garden, the votes cast by the visitors of the annual "Chrysanthemums Ball" for the candidates for the "Princess Ball" and "Queen of the Ball" are counted.  The winners will be announced on the first day of winter. 

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Agrofirm "Zolotaya Balka" invites you to spend the children's culinary weekend in the company of Chef Nikolay Chernov.  Under his guidance, children will learn how to make vareniki and cheese cakes.