3011 4 cca63The first winter weekend will surprise with a warm southeast wind and a break of the rain set.  It is worthwhile to postpone the "lazy" weekend in the company of books and good films and take advantage of the offers of the travel portal of the Crimea.  Moreover, this is our final digest.  We thank all the readers for the good company and believe that they added a trembling love for such a small and such a large world called the Crimean Peninsula.

1. To take part in the coronation of the Queen of "Chrysanthemums Ball" in the Nikitsky Botanical garden in Yalta

In the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, the votes cast by the visitors of the annual "Chrysanthemums Ball" for the pretenders to the title "Princess of the Ball" and "Queen of the Ball" are counted.  The winners will be announced on the first day of winter, as well as owners of new original names from 45 hybrid novelties. 

This year the "Queen of the ball" is chosen for the eleventh time. Chrysanthemums bloom on average for 10 days, and with this frequency one grade replaces another.  The primary vote count determined the top ten favorites for the title "Princess of the ball" and "Queen of the ball".  Then, there are five applicants in each category. 

The voting ended on November 30, and on December 1 Nikitsky Botanical garden officially closes the "Chrysanthemum Ball ", sums up and reads the names of the winners.  According to forecasts of specialists, the flowering of chrysanthemums will last the entire first decade of December.

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2. To decipher the battle code "Aivazovsky" in Feodosia

Feodosia Museum of Antiquities holds a meeting of the Club of History Feodosia fans dedicated to the work of the seascape painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky.  On Friday, December 1, its participants will shine in the secrets of the battle painting of the seascape, a kind of "Aivazovsky code."  This is the second meeting that the club timed to the 200 anniversary of Aivazovsky. 

The main speaker will be the chairman of the Club of History Lovers of Feodosia Konstantin Vinogrado.  At the evening, unique copies of historical documents will be presented and little-known and interesting facts will be announced from the life and work of the first artist of the Main Naval Staff of Russia. 

Meeting of the Club of history lovers in Feodosia, dedicated to the work of Aivazovsky, will be held on December 1 at 13.00 in the Feodosia Museum of Antiquities (11 Aivazovsky Ave.).  Admission is free.

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3. To evaluate the aesthetics of synchronized swimming in Evpatoria

The Evpatoria Sports Center Evolution holds an open republican synchronized swimming tournament "Hopes of the Crimea".  More than 200 athletes from all over Russia from 1 to 3 December, as well as the team of Kazakhstan, will play 14 sets of awards. 

This year, twice more athletes participate in the tournament than in the past.  The vast majority of nine Russian cities: Evpatoria, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Moscow, Korolev Moscow Region, Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Sterlitamak. The competition will be the team of Kazakhstan, whose representatives will perform in three disciplines of the tournament.   

Competitions will be held in the following disciplines: solo, duo, group and combined group in four age categories - 8 years and under, 12 years and under, 13-15 years and 15-18 years.  Athletes will be awarded sports categories, subject to their implementation.  The opening ceremony of the tournament will be held on December 1 at 16.00. 

The beginning of competitions is on 1 and 2 at 10.00.  On the final day of the competitions on December 3, viewers will be able to see numbers in the format "Trophy Professionals". 

This new discipline in synchronized swimming is rightfully considered one of the most spectacular.  Girls will perform in theatrical costumes and use various accessories complementing the image. 

The open republican synchronized swimming tournament "Hopes of the Crimea" will be held in the large swimming pool "Sports" of the Evolution Sports Center (Evpatoria, Zaozernoye village, Alley Druzhby str., 1).  Admission is free.

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4. To go to the theatrical festival "Colors of autumn-2017" in Alushta

Theater amateur groups of Big Alushta this weekend will gather on the stage of the House of Creativity "Podmoskovye" for the festival "Colors of autumn-2017". Children and adults collectives will show a total of seven productions in genres: a dramatic performance, a musical performance, a mini-play, a theatrical eccentric.  For the participants will be master classes in acting and performing arts. 

The grand opening of the festival will be held on December 2 at 12.00 on the stage of the House of Creativity "Podmoskovie".  The first performance of "Cats' House" will be shown by the children's theater studio "Colors".  At 14.30 the children's theater studio "Vodevil" from Maly Mayak village with the play "The Scarlet Flower" will take the stage. 

After a short break the festival program will continue the children's literary studio "Alushta Dawn" with the play "April 45th".  The first festival day will conclude the play "Aesop.  Fox and grapes" of the national theater "Clio".  The studio "Alushta Dawn" will show the play "Christmas tree for the princess"  on the second day of the festival on December 3 at 13.00At 15.00 the theater-studio "Vodevil" will perform with the production of "Morozko", at 18.30 in the program "Funny money" of the theater-studio "Colors". 

Summing-up, awarding and closing of the festival "Colors of autumn - 2017" in the Hall of the House of Creativity "Podmoskovye" (Alushta, Khromykh St., 18) will be held at 20.00.  Entrance to all performances is free.

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5. To spend weekends of children's cooking on the agro firm "Zolotaya Balka" in Balaklava

Agro firm "Zolotaya Balka" invites you to spend the children culinary weekend in the company of the chef Nikolay Chernov. Under his leadership on Saturday, children will learn how to make dumplings with cherries and white chocolate, and on Sunday they will prepare cheese cakes. 

Everything cooked is eaten on a collective tea party.  Children from 5 years are allowed to cook meals independently.  Their parents will be offered to go on a guided tour or visit the tasting room. 

Younger children can also take part in master classes, but in the presence and with the help of their parents. Children's cooking classes at Zolotaya Balka (Balaklava, 66 Krestovsky Street) will be held on December 2 and 3 at 13.00 and 15.00.  Information and recording is by phone:  +7 (978) 0252588.

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6. To learn the unique facts about the history of Yalta

Local history almanac "Old Yalta" invites you to the presentation of the winter number that collected unique information on the history of the resort.  Almanac will reveal the secret of the unknown Yalta estate of Ivan Aivazovsky and his unfulfilled Yalta dream, the exact date of birth of the city of Alupka, the mechanism of creation and work of the Yalta police in 1838-1917. 

For the first time the list of Crimean and Yalta suppliers of the Imperial Court, unique images of the extant interiors of the old Bolshoy and Little Livadia palaces, unknown details of the ancient Christian church that existed in Vasilievka will be presented and deciphered.  At the presentation, the authors of the materials themselves will tell about their discoveries. From Ekaterinburg, a member of the Union of Writers of Russia, Sergey Pogodin, will be contacted, who will talk about a unique project for the reconstruction of post-war Yalta in a pedestrian resort. 

The meeting with the authors of the winter issue of the almanac "Old Yalta" will be held on December 2 at 15.00 in the reading room of the Central Library named after A.Ya.  Chekhov (Yalta, Morskaya Street, 8). Almanac is realized in the kiosks of "Krymosoyuzpechat" in the territory of the Big Yalta.  

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7. To visit the Feodosia Tobacco Factory in archival photos and memoirs of the workers

Feodosia Museum of Antiquities opens an exhibition about the history of the Stamboli tobacco factory. Having existed for almost a century and a half, the flagship of the domestic tobacco industry will appear in photographs and in memoirs of former workers. 

This is the first exhibition on the history of one of the oldest enterprises of the city.  The museum staff will present a period of time from 1861 to 2000, and a recent story will be told by her eyewitnesses. 

The exhibition presents over 100 exhibits - documents, materials and photos from the city archive and the funds of the Feodosia Museum of Antiquities.  A colorful addition will be labels of tobacco packs of the XIX century and packs of the XX century cigarettes and cigarettes Golden Beach, Feodosia, Yalta, Prima, Vatra. 

Feodosia Tobacco Factory is one of the oldest in Russia.  It was founded in 1861 by a merchant of Feodosia, Karaim Veniamin Stamboli.  Having survived the revolution, civil and domestic war, the factory burned down in March 1990.  Now the foundation pit is dug in the place of the historical building of the factory. 

The exhibition "Feodosia Tobacco Factory" in the Feodosia Museum of Antiquities (11 Aivazovsky Ave.) will be opened on December 3 at 13.00 and will work until December 20.  The exhibition entrance is free at the opening.

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