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All-Russian hockey day will be celebrated in Simferopol with the match of the youngest hockey players.  Simferopol's "South Penguins" and the Sevastopol "Bears" will converge on their first match on the ice. 

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Literary and musical evening on the same name of the autobiographical story "Mother and Music" will be held in the museum of the Tsvetaevs sisters in Feodosia.  The program includes classical musical works by Chopin and Bach, as well as poems dedicated to the mother of Marina and Anastasia Tsvetaevs. 

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The Chekhov House Museum in Yalta prepared a literary and musical evening "A.P. Chekhov and the muses of the "Silver Age".  The meeting is dedicated to three bright creative women's personalities of the beginning of the XX century. 

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The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens Art Gallery presents the exhibition "Colored Mosaic Batik" of the Kerchanka Lyubava Taraday. About 40 personal exhibitions are on the account of the young artist. 

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The last weekend of autumn promises to be a spring warm.  Finally, the southern winds are kept up to +12º in the afternoon. Here is a review of the travel portal of the Crimea how to dispose such a gift with benefit and pleasure in the week.  


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The host show "Hell’s kitchen" Ilya Zakharov will give a gala dinner at the festival "Crimean gastronomic seasons" in Yalta.  The brand manager uses farm products and special, gentle cooking techniques. 

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The performance show "Bombardier-Milk" opened the "Speed ​​of Light" photo festival in Simferopol.  Its visitors were to shoot 29 copyright works of the Crimean photographer Alexander Kadnikov, who was the organizer of the festival. 

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The creative evening of the most published children's writer of Crimea Yevgeny Belousov will be held in the Feodosia Museum of Antiquities.  The event is timed to the 45th anniversary of the artist's creative activity and the 65th anniversary of his birth.