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1464594596 14 43250Feodosia Museum of Antiquities will prepare a thematic meeting for the 97th anniversary of the Perekop-Chongar operation that is considered the last major battle of the Civil War in Russia. New historical facts and photographic materials will be revealed to the participants of the event on November 18.

OJCagIDmwWU 027c8Alushta Literary Memorial Museum SN Sergeeva-Tsensky will launch a series of museum lessons "We are responsible for those who have tamed." It is built on the works of the writer that form humane attitude of man to nature.

821121.x400p 58122Film-seekers of popular films of the second half of the 20th century entered the program "The Star Hour" of Feodosia's Paradox Theater. On the stage of the city house of culture, theater actors will not only perform musical compositions, but will also show scenes from films.

1496130445 748ab68a1281 f9d2fThe museum of local history and mud cure of the city of Saki prepared an exhibition "The thread of the soul, love and happiness." In the exhibition there are about 30 works in the technique of thread graphics, made by the teacher of labor of the local lyceum.

марка1011 11526In mid-November, autumn found a forgotten suitcase with a summer wardrobe and decided to try it on by raising the degree in the air to 15-20 heat.  Where you can walk outfits, or take advantage of the temporary warming for hiking, read in the traditional weekend events review from the tourist portal of the Crimea. 

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A collective exhibition of paintings by Crimean artists "Lovers in the Sea" was opened in the art gallery "Pocherk" in Yalta.  The exposition is constantly updated, because it is not possible to accommodate all the works of 40 authors at once. 

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Alushta Studio Theater "Clio" prepared the production of "Fox and Grapes" based on the play of Brazilian playwright Guillerme Figueiredo.  The premiere of the play will take place on November 11 on the stage of the House of Creativity "Podmoskovie". 

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Local history almanac "Old Yalta" invites you to a guided tour of the sanatorium "Gorny" in Livia.  Participants are expected to get acquainted with a copy of the Egyptian pyramid for the rehabilitation of astronauts, an acoustic gazebo and a tunnel, at the end of which there is no visible light.