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Theatrical amateur groups of Big Alushta will gather on the stage of the House of Creativity "Podmoskovye" for the festival "Colors of autumn-2017".  Children's and adults collectives will show a total of seven productions and will have the opportunity to take part in the action "Alushta - theatrical". 

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Feodosia Museum of Antiquities will open an exhibition about the history of the Stamboli tobacco factory. The flagship of the national tobacco industry that existed for almost a century and a half will appear in photographs and in memoirs of former workers. 

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The first People's Artist of the Republic of Crimea, leading singer-vocalist of the State Academic Music Theater Vladislav Chernikov will celebrate his 50th anniversary on a creative evening.  On the birthday of the jubilee on December 1, a two-hour program from the repertory numbers and congratulations of colleagues will be held on the stage of the theater. 

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Livadia Palace Museum on November 30 will open the exhibition to the 100th anniversary of the bourgeois-democratic revolution, the overthrow of the monarchy and the abdication of Emperor Nicholas II.  The exhibition "Livadia - one of the favorite residences of the last Russian Tsar" will tell about the history of the Livadia Palace and its construction.

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Local history almanac "Old Yalta" invites you to the presentation of the winter number, which collected unique information on the history of the resort.  Guests are expected to get acquainted with the authors and their studies of the secrets of the Southern coast of Crimea. 

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Evpatoria Sports Center Evolution holds an open republican synchronized swimming tournament "Hopes of the Crimea".  From 1 to 3 December more than 200 athletes from all over Russia, as well as the team of Kazakhstan, will play 14 sets of awards. 

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The Crimean-Tatar museum of cultural and historical heritage is preparing the personal exhibition of artist Kjazim Dzepparov for opening.  The artist worked in different manners, covering a wide range of imaginative possibilities: from realism to postmodernism. 

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Feodosia Museum of Antiquities holds a fans meeting of the Club of History of Feodosia dedicated to the work of the seascape painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky.  Its participants will shine in the secrets of the battle painting of the seascape.