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Чехов в Ялте 771c6On January 29 the cultural salon "Oreanda" and the house-museum of A. Chekhov  invite you to a literary-musical evening devoted to the birthday of Anton Chekhov.

news park viking becdeCultural and Historical Park will be built with the scenery of the feature film "Viking", filmed in the Crimea in 2015. The project promises to be the largest reconstruction of a Viking settlement VIII - XIII centuries  in Russia.

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In the children's creative center "Little Farm" in Yalta Day theme Green on Saturday 23 January.As part of a fun-filled holiday home small farm guests will learn to take care of frost flowers. On Sunday, here are celebrating the International Day of snow. Thematic presentation, holidays and activities for children are held in a small farm every weekend regardless of the weather, time of year and rolling blackouts.

Четвертый международный фестиваль экстремальных видов спорта состоится с 1 по 9 августа 2016 года в селе Оленевка.

On July 30-31 there will be held the final events of the «EXTREME Crimea 2016» festival, which takes place in Olenevka village.

«EXTREME Crimea 2016" festival is the biggest sports and most extreme one held in the Crimea. Sports and entertainment locations of all popular extreme kinds of sports are concentrated on the area of more then 30000sqare meters:

11 июня в Крыму пройдет масштабный музыкально-исторический фестиваль "Хроники Крыма".June 11 in honor of the Day of Russia, a military music and historical festival "The Chronicles of Crimea" will take place. During the festival, guests will see the air show by the best aerobatic teams in Russia, the reconstruction of tank battles of World War II, reconstruction of combat aircrafts performed by the national patriotic community, exhibition of military equipment.

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On July 17 for the first time in the Vorontsov Palace Museum will perform the Crimean State Philharmonic Society with a program "Under the shadow of the Vorontsov’s sycamore."